Love Alloa - by people who love Alloa

Did you know...

... just how many really interesting, novel, enterprising organisations there are in the Alloa area?

Neither did I until I started to meet a few of them, but now that I have, I want to meet all of them! Or as many of them as I can, at least. I also want to produce something that trumpets what they do to as many people as possible. And finally, I want to tie this in to a goal I've had for just about all of my adult life: I hate unemployment, and I want to see an end to it.

This website is not, I admit, high-flying or professional. I'm busy on many fronts - childcare not least among them - and I have limited time to spend on a website. Besides which, Love Alloa is not yet a formal company, more an early experiment. But it will be sooner or later, by which point it'll have an appropriate online presence. In the meantime, this is a useful way of testing different operating models.

What's Love Alloa?

Love Alloa is a labour of love, that will one day become a business and a centre of excellence; that won't stop it being a labour of love, though. Either way, all being well, it will become a permanent local enterprise dedicated to celebrating the work of the people of Alloa and the surrounding area.

Secondly, Love Alloa will be a recruiting agency run by and for the unemployed themselves. And believe me, that will work: I've met many unemployed people, and behind the stereotypes there's a whole world of creativity, drive and enterprise.

And thirdly, Love Alloa will be a business directory with a difference. All the entries will be hand-crafted celebrations of people who are doing something different, that they love; who are doing it well; and who are benefiting the community by doing it.

And that doesn't just mean charities or social enterprises, because:

Community benefit comes in many forms

The thing is that, in studying the lives of many successful people over the years, I've noticed a common factor. They generally didn't set out asking themselves, how will I make money out of this? It was more a case of, how can I do this well? Now, obviously, for some people, success is measured in sales, productivity or profitability. If everybody specialised in producing "positive outcomes", who'd produce the food? I'm sure you get the idea: I think profitable businesses are a good thing, and I respect them.

On the other hand, if the financial crisis has proved anything, it's that a lot of "profit" only exists on paper, or in the imaginations of creative accountants. If all we make is money, we won't make a better world, and in the end we probably won't even make money. We're sometimes told that a strong society needs a strong economy, but surely, it's the other way around. 

A Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal

I've only got one life to live on planet earth; about 75 years on average - maybe more, maybe less, and I've lived 43 of them. I want to make as much of a contribution as I possibly can with whatever time I've got left. Given the apparent state of global financial meltdown at the time of writing, what better cause to dedicate one's life to than helping build a better kind of economy? I don't have a great business idea, but I have an outrageous goal:

Everyone has the opportunity to be all they can be, and earn a living at it.

Instead of "creating decent jobs", think "creating decent work".